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Jul 24

“Usually I try to expand on the initial idea that inspired me and if it turns out interesting I add mechanics to make it feel like a game.” — Cactus

Jul 22


“Imagine if forty years into the existence of the motion picture, the overwhelmingly prominent genre was the action film. You might have a quiet drama here and satirical comedy there, but otherwise it’s nothing but Bay and Bruckheimer as far as the eye can see. We’d have a lot less cinephiles than we do now, that’s for sure.” — David Wurzel, comment on article
Something new under the Sunset at Tale of Tales | Joystiq

Jul 21

“Shift the focus from the industrial to the cultural and the need to build games based on profitability or sustainability disappears, freeing up the heart and mind to make games that we judge as successful by other, more interesting questions. Did this game challenge my perception of my world? Did this game change the way I am going to relate to my children? Did this game gift me insight into another human’s perspective? Did this game make me smile or surprised or feel a sense of aesthetic wonder?” — Simon Parkin

“It’s as if, through sales figures, profits and other assorted fiscal headlines video games will be able to buy their way to legitimacy. How fitting that a medium which typically encourages its players to exert dominance over the competition would frame its worth as a battle, usually with cinema, as if this were a fight to be won, as if the winner would somehow usurp the loser, as if each venue for human expression didn’t have unique capacity for joy, wonder and meaning.” — Simon Parkin

Jul 19


Jul 18

“these are the known bugs. a butterfly! a ladybug! a beetle! a caterpillar! a dragonfly! these are all the bugs i know” — Lana Polansky, regarding bugs in videogames


“A game is not about walking from A to B, but about the things that happen to the player at A and B - a panorama, a conversation, a moment of madness…” — Joel Goodwin

“Attempting to rigorously define interactivity is about as joyous as rigorously defining the word game into your preferred pigeon hole. You might see healthy debate in this conversation. I see a black hole event horizon through which my will to live is disappearing.” — Joel Goodwin

Jul 17