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Mar 25

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Mar 24

“Contrary to libertarian theory, a business does not exist to maximize profits. A business exists to do something. Profit is the condition of survival, but it is not the goal.” — Greg Costikyan

Mar 15


Mar 14

“ToT’s notgames not-manifesto doesn’t sound nearly as bold as it did four years ago. Good job, video games.” — Alice O’Connor

Mar 08

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Mar 07

\\...........//: FUCK MARIO -


"FUCK MARIO. fuck mickey mouse. fuck bugs bunny. fuck star wars.

analyze, interrogate. study with intently focused eyes at these pathways, these secret passages that map the inside of your head, your consciousness. study their contours. they seem to be infinite, to delight, to surprise, to be an endless joy. what is this joy? the joy of an experience? what is this “fun”? this fun allows you a freedom of some sort that you may have never been able to experience otherwise, and engages with it so thoughtfully and compassionately? this fun that manifests itself as an emotionally fraught, intense ride, yet also a somehow, surprisingly gentle one? this fun, — and then the ride ends and then the bad guy dies. but who even cares about the bad guy, the bad guy was never there in the first place. who is that guy anyway? he’s no one. just a dude who tries to steal credit for the ingenuity of these mazes he never had anything to do with in the first place. a pointless figurehead. a cardboard cut-out. he could have never come up with that himself. someone else must have had a hand in it all.

what is this “fun”? this fun allows you a freedom of some sort that you may have never had otherwise, and engages with it so thoughtfully and compassionately? this fun, —- and then it fucking pukes on your shirt and pisses on your shoe and slaps you in the face as it tells you to BUY MORE TO UNLOCK MORE ADVENTURES and to WATCH THIS TELEVISION SHOW SO THAT YOU CAN BE INVESTED IN THIS FICTIONAL CHARACTER’S FICTIONAL LIFE and EAT THIS CEREAL and ARE YOU PART OF THE SUPER CLUB? this fun, this fucking vampire. this threatened social ostracization. this beast. this inescapable viral infection. this fucking fantasy of life, this lie that no one could ever hope to live. this meme, this deferred pleasure. this compartmentalized joy. this ultimate laziness, this empty narcotic.

these pathways that ultimately lead on a circuitous path to nowhere. the end boss being nowhere. an insultingly anti-climactic, empty fart. an unceremonious dump-off point somewhere in the middle of nowhere. a rude awakening. these secrets that offer no way out, that tell you they know something when they really know nothing, that pretend to just want to hug you but don’t, or won’t, see that you’re bleeding all over them.

and then the wound doesn’t heal but somehow you’re still here, walking around, for some reason you can’t understand. so put on a suit and tie. go to a conference of “like-minded” individuals. revel in an invented past. shoot that shit. drink yourself to death. and then hysterically cry and moan when a little 8-bit bunny saunters across the television screen in front of you, in a magenta palette, doing a cute little 4-frame dance. he owns your past, not you. he is the monolith, the power. group therapy sessions are needed. more meds prescribed, meds sponsored by Nintendo, to help you through this difficult time. we’re all here for you.

live your life inside the small, fenced-in with barbed wire chicken coop you’ve been placed in. stake your claim, and murder and scream for that one little mound of dirt inside the coop. dominate others, form factions. swing your dick around. survival of the fucking fittest, bro-dawg. all under the watchful, bemused eye of your farmers. but sometimes you even baffle them. sometimes they think you must be plotting to overthrow them - you must be! how could you not be! but even they will grow surprised, even disgusted to see you’re just trying to kiss them. to lick them. to get to know them. even they won’t understand how and why this has happened…”

Mar 05

Hunicke says the reaction she gets at parties when she tells strangers what she does for a living is subdued.

"They go, ‘Oh, really?’ And then they glass over because their exposure to video games is usually ads on television or the side of a bus for games that would never appeal to them."

Hunicke ran down a short roster of gaming stand-bys, from the knife-wielding psycho in a mask to the guy with electricity or flames coming out of his hands to the angry guy punching another guy to (for a touch of diversity) the really fast car.

"For them, video games is that," Hunicke said.

” — Brendan Sinclair quoting Robin Hunicke

Mar 03

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Mar 01

“The crucial thing to design in a videogame is the moment when nothing happens. Is our player still immersed and enchanted when they release control? When the only verb available is the most important one of all: to be.” — MS

“If you can’t express something in an interesting fashion via the language of game mechanics, then you shouldn’t be making a game. Instead, you should be expressing those ideas via some other medium.” — Juan Carlo in the Rock, Paper, Shotgun comments